Working area (NH)

In business since 2001

Connect and Exchange was founded in 2001 and started out as an IT company working with web designers and infrastructure engineers to develop high quality and responsive websites. After the initial launch of the organization web design was expanded with hosting and datacenter construction both on a local scale (Local Technical Server Rooms (LTS)) and large-scale 3rd party operated datacenters.

Over the years we adopted and developed various skills where we performed various consultancy projects, design-, build-, integrate- and supported complex IT environments.

Recently we saw that renewable energy projects require all the skills that we have collected in the past 20 years. Installation, maintenance and operating renewable energy installation requires specialized skills which go beyond a standard wrench monkey or gear head. Stll these skills are needed during the initial build whereas remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, breakfix and other operational activities require cloud integration, networking, and cybersecurity knowledge.

Combining solar, wind, battery storage, heating (heatpumps) requires in-depth knowledge of all the technologies and how to integrate them in 1 seamless platform. Inidivualy intalled they work just fine, though when combining the power of solar and wind to charge your care the moment that there is a surplus amount of energy, requires the logic to be programmed across the different technologies.

That is where Connect and Exchange has its strength and can support you in your aspirations to lower your energy bill while living comfortably …

Why install in North Holland?

Operating from Den Helder Cande accepts any project originating from North Holland except for the Amsterdam area. City center Amsterdam has its own uniqueness and requires an installer that is used to working in these areas. Therefore, we limit ourselves to only farmers and the smaller cities within North Holland.
Our working area is also ideal for large scale deployment of the RB2 modules as farmers and farmhouses are exceptionally suitable for wind energy. Most of the farmers already installed solar panels whereas during the winter, when the flower bulbs being processed or life stock is kept inside, the energy requirements are still there. Though solar power is very limited whereas RidgeBlade will continue to produce power especially during the winter season when the wind speeds are picking up.