Power increase

Aeolian Wind Focus Effect

  • Uses existing surface area of a pitched roof to collect and focus the prevailing wind
  • Wind forced to travel over the roof surface
  • Forms a pinch point at the roof ridge
  • Air flow is accelerated through the turbine
  • Measured wind speed around the ridge can be just over three times the actual wind speed
  • Up to nine times the energy is available to it compared to a VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) system

Angle 15° 30° 45° 60°
Windspeed x1.0 x1.1 x1.2 x1.5 x2.2 x1.3

Unique Design,Unique Performance

  • Consistent power generation even in turbulent wind conditions
  • Uses advanced aerodynamics to prevent noise in operation
  • Designed to self-limit the speed of the rotor
  • Units achieve full capacity at wind speeds of only 25mph
  • Self-regulating so rotor speed is not exceeded, even in severe storm conditions
  • Low-profile, self-regulating and “planning-friendly” design
  • Ideal for commercial and urban areas with turbulent winds

power Designation Wind average speed over 10 minutes (km/h) Wind average speed over 10 minutes (m/sec) Effect on land and in humans
0 stil 0-1 0-0,2 smoke rises straight or almost straight up
1 zwak 1-5 0,3-1,5 wind direction can be clearly deduced from smoke plumes
2 zwak 6-11 1,6-3,3 wind noticeable in face
3 matig 12-19 3,4-5,4 dust blows up
4 matig 20-28 5,5-7,9 hair disheveled, clothes flapping
5 vrij krachtig 29-38 8,0-10,7 blowing dust that bothers the eyes, crested waves on lakes and canals and garbage containers blow over
6 krachtig 39-49 10,8-13,8 holding umbrellas with difficulty
7 hard 50-61 13,9-17,1 difficult to walk or cycle against the wind
8 stormachtig 62-74 17,2-20,7 moving very difficult
9 storm 75-88 20,8-24,4 chimney caps and roof tiles blow away, children are blown over
10 zware storm 89-102 24,5-28,4 extensive damage to buildings, adults blown over
11 zeer zware storm 103-117 28,5-32,6 enormous damage to forests
12 orkaan >117 >32,6 devastation